Simple keyless access

Gain hands-free contact-less access with a new enhanced patented passive door entry technology


Made for living

The bella lock was created for the new ways we live and work. Designed to simplify door entry without compromising security.

Activated by simply interacting with the Bella proximity reader with a wave. The unique Bella Tag in your pocket or close proximity to you enables the secure personalized access without the need for the traditional key.

*also works with a smartphone.

For all people

Re-thinking the design of our homes or business with our changing needs as we age may become necessary. Perhaps you know someone, suffering with an illness, disability or visual impairement who have problems opening their locks and doors to enter their home. The Bella lock system is a simple yet effective alteration that makes any home suitable for someone with a disability or impairment, with a sympathetic design to improve entrance door accessibility.

Our story

benefits with bella


Using IDPulse™ Technology a smart & secure system. Designed to simplify  door entry without compromising security.


No more fumbling for keys. All it takes is a simple wave to unlock your door. Providing easy, seamless, authorized and controlled access.


Using the Bella lock system encourages minimal surface contact compared to traditional lock systems. Less physical interaction reduces the spread of contamination.


The Bella Touch & Tag are the perfect pair. Allowing you to become the key. A personalized encrypted signal is conducted through the users body unlocking your door seamlessly

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contactless access

The Bella Lock System

Unlock the power of friction-less control. With the programmed bella key tag in your pocket, you can unlock any door by simply waving at the bella proximity reader. The reader can be fitted on the door, beside the door or hidden away for better accessibility and security.

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